Lepidium Meyenii

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lepidium meyenii
  • Lepidium meyenii is a traditional herbal medicine used for centuries with great results.
  • Lepidium meyenii relieves menopausal symptoms and increases energy.
  • As it stimulates the endocrine system, Lepidium meyenii is a natural hormonal balancer.
  • Lepidium meyenii is completely safe with no side effects reported.
Lepidium Meyenii

Even though Lepidium meyenii are widely popular for its effectiveness and health benefits, not many people know for sure of the mechanism of action of this herbal supplement. Keep reading to learn how Lepidium meyenii works in your body and promote overall wellness.

  How Lepidium meyenii works in your body  

Hormonal balancer: Lepidium meyenii helps the individual in long term by assisting the endocrine system to maintain steroid hormones in healthy levels.

In fact, Lepidium meyenii’s stimulates the glands in charge of regulating hormones, the pituitary, which controls the ovaries and testes, but also act on the adrenals and on the pancreas and thyroid as well.

By doing so, Lepidium meyenii nourishes the body and promotes its natural ability to normalize the levels of steroid hormones such as estrogen, progesterone & testosterone.

When these hormones are correctly balanced, the whole body reaches in optimal functioning leading to a sensation of wellness.

The most impressive property of Lepidium meyenii is that it does not contain hormones itself. Instead it provides a unique set of nutrients that directly fuel the endocrine and help the glands to produce vital hormones in precise dosages predetermined by one's own body.

Scientists and doctors are now finding Lepidium meyenii to be one of the best natural ways to regulated and support endocrine health. This action regulates metabolism, energy levels, growth, sexual development and the sense of well being and attitude.


In the 1960’s, Dr. Chacon isolated four alkaloids from the Lepidium meyenii root and performed some experiments on male and female rats given either powdered Lepidium meyenii root or alkaloids isolated from the roots.
After the experiments, she discovered that the alkaloids were acting on the hypothalamus-pituitary gland. This would explain why both male and female rats were afflicted in a gender-appropriate manner with a greater energy and sexual response. Therefore, Dr Chacon confirmed what native Peruvians have known for centuries.


In the following section, you will find the effects produced in the body by the action of lepidium meyenii nutrients and the stable levels of hormones in our bodies.

  Lepidium meyenii & Hormonal balance  

  • Optimal functioning of vital organs: Lepidium meyenii help all the organs of the body work much more efficiently to achieve optimal body functioning.
  • Strengthened body without diseases: the nutrients inside Lepidium meyenii make the body strengthen the immune system, which is the main protection against diseases.
  • Menopause symptoms relief: Lepidium meyenii help the body normalize estrogen imbalance, which is the main cause for all the 34 menopause symptoms.
  • Increased physical and mental activity: Lepidium meyenii contains complex carbohydrates for more energy for a sensation of overall wellness; so you will be able to perform more activities.
  • Better Absorption of Nutrients: Lepidium meyenii not only provide the needed nutrients, but also enhance the body to absorb them from daily foods.
  • Slowing aging process: With the support of Lepidium meyenii the body is able to diminish the effects of aging, especially those caused by hormonal imbalance and free radicals damage.
  • Sexual functioning: When endocrine system maintains testosterone and estrogen hormonal in balanced levels, thanks to nutritional support, it notably improves sexual functioning.
  • Fertility Enhancement: Lepidium meyenii stimulates each sex to respond in a gender appropriate manner. In females, Lepidium meyenii increases egg follicle maturation and increased the number of follicles. In males, it increases sperm count as well as increased sperm motility.


As you have read, the ability of Lepidium meyenii to nourish the endocrine system which eventually normalizes hormonal levels and restores optimal body functioning. As a result, the body will experience several improvements such as increased energy, enhanced sexual functioning and menopause symptoms relief. Click here to keep reading about benefits of Lepidium meyenii.

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