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lepidium meyenii
  • Lepidium meyenii is a traditional herbal medicine used for centuries with great results.
  • Lepidium meyenii relieves menopausal symptoms and increases energy.
  • As it stimulates the endocrine system, Lepidium meyenii is a natural hormonal balancer.
  • Lepidium meyenii is completely safe with no side effects reported.

In this section you will find what most doctors and investigators think about Lepidium meyenii and the way it overcomes menopause symptoms, improves sexual functioning, balances hormonal levels, increases fertility and more.


Lepidium Meyenii, a natural hormonal balancer

What I see in Lepidium meyenii is a means of normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. Therefore it has the facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging. It acts on women to overcome the 34 menopause symptom. In men, Lepidium meyenii restores the healthy functional status of sexual functioning.

Dr. Garry P. Gordon, M.D. from Chicago, Illinois, Former President of the American College of Advanced Longevity Medicine.

Hormones & Lepidium meyenii

“It is important to remember that Lepidium meyenii does not contain any hormones, but its action in the body jogs the pituitary into producing the precursor hormones avoiding the dangerous effects of synthetic drug intake like HRT ".

Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici, PHD. Reprinted from Nature & Health Magazine.

Lepidium meyenii increases energy & controls menopause symptoms

I'm amazed at how fast Lepidium meyenii worked on one patient that I have been concerned about for some time. My patient Mary T is a 55 year-old postmenopausal woman. Unable to work, Mary T was suffering from great fatigue and depression and feeling "worse and worse" over the last five years. Within just four days of taking Macafem supplement, a product made of Lepidium meyenii, Mary T went through an enormous turnaround. She has gone out to shop in the stores; she's cleaned her house; she feels strong and vigorous; and her hot flashes and depression are gone.

Dr. Harold Clark, MD, from New Rochelle, New York.

Lepidium meyenii is completely safe

Under the direction of Dr. Qun Yi Zheng, a team of chemists discovered several previously unknown compounds in Lepidium meyenii. To ensure product safety, a cultivator donated an industry brand extract for oral toxicity testing. The results revealed no toxicity and an absence of adverse pharmacologic effects.

Dr. Qun Yi Zheng in: “Urology”, a major peer-reviewed medical journal that first published the Viagra® studies

Lepidium meyenii, an excellent HRT alternative

Lepidium meyenii is a well-balanced answer to the effects of aging on the hormonal system. Many women, who have tried estrogen hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and have been dissatisfied with it, are getting excellent results from their daily use of Lepidium meyenii. It’s healthier to use natural Lepidium meyenii therapy rather than hormone replacement therapy, because differently from Lepidium meyenii, HRT actually ages the body by reducing the hormone production capability of the glands. Lepidium meyenii has proven to be very effective with menopausal patients in eliminating menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and depression, among others."

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, practicing internal medicine in Patagonia, Arizona

Relieve hot flashes effectively with Lepidium meyenii

After trying it out on himself, Dr. Campanile began using Lepidium meyenii with his patients. "My first patient to take the Macafem capsules (which are 100% Lepidium meyenii) was experiencing hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. She started feeling much better after using this supplement for only four days. I'm also employing it with patients who have low adrenal function."

Henry Campanile, MD, a 50-year old specialist in internal and family medicine practicing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

As you can see, Lepidium meyenii is recommended for hormonal balance because it naturally stimulates the body’s ability to maintain hormones in healthy levels. Among the many products available, we can mention Macafem for menopause symptoms. Before you use any herbal supplement, you should get fully informed about its quality and the effects it may produce in your organism.

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